Volunteer Debbie Baldwin Conquers Mt. Kilimanjaro for CASA!

Let us remember the impressive feat conquered this year by one of our very own Fulton County CASA Volunteers. Debbie Baldwin, in January 2017 trekked to the top of the infamous Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, the highest point on the continent to bring awareness to foster care and the CASA program. Upon reaching the mountain’s peak, after an eight-day journey, Debbie took pictures with a CASA sign. Debbie’s initiative to raise awareness and support of the CASA program is not over. A sponsor page has been created for you to donate to the cause.


Let’s support this big endeavor. Donate here:

Debbie Baldwin - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Debbie Baldwin - Mt. Kilimanjaro2

Debbie Baldwin - Mt. Kilimanjaro3



As part of Debbie’s conditioning for Mt. Kilimanjaro she took a trek up Blood Mountain – one of the tallest mountains in Georgia. As Debbie did in the photos below while training she planted the CASA banner at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Debbie Baldwin

Debbie training at Blood Mountain in Georgia

Debbie Baldwin, Stone Mountain

Debbie training at Stone Mountain in Georgia