CASA Volunteer Ms. Vicki Mack Goes Over and Beyond the Call

Intuition, grit, and determination…

…are a few words that describe an amazing CASA Volunteer who went above and beyond the requirements of a CASA to ensure that her CASA child was safe. To locate her runaway CASA child, Ms. Mack went to local malls, numerous  train stations, and investigated where she might be. Ms. Mack built a rapport with her CASA child and was able to establish constant communication with her.

Vicki Mack  There were times when things went awry in the child’s foster home – where the child confided in her CASA, and was removed from the home to ensure her safety. Ms. Mack made hundreds of phone calls and emails to ensure that the best interests of her child were met.

  Ms. Mack worked with the child’s mother and recommended to the court that specific services be implemented.  Permanency  was later achieved through  reunification. Ms. Mack stayed on the case after a protective order was issued to ensure that the child continued to be safe and stable in her mother’s home.

  Ms. Mack was commended for her advocacy efforts by all parties on the case. We are truly grateful to get to have such a wonderful advocate who exceeded all that was was asked – for the best interest of the child!

  Thank you Ms. Mack for all that you have done!

by Rhian Crosdale, Advocacy Coordinator, Fulton County CASA